2 months ago

2018 Art Summary

I am soooo excited to do this! I have been waiting for so long, I saw my IRL friend did one in 2017. It was sooo hard picking which one I should put.So 2018 has passed, I wonder what's in store for you in 2019. I hope you had a good year, if not maybe this year will be your time to shine, you just have to step forward.anywayI want to thank alot of people (give them some 2019 love, they deserve it)BluePhoenix-Epsilon an old friend wayback in my old account, returned. He's improved so much, he doesn't realize. He deserves recognitionWulvenr BluePixelArt21 saying I'm "their inspiration" (aww dang :") ) You guys improved so much in just a year I'm so proud of you 24WildHeart IRL friend, my source of weeb shows, amazing artist, a lot of thought and creativity in her works Kirastes one of my art senpais, inspiration but wayyy younger than me XD I've been admiring and maybe also jealous her art for so long-- now she's one of my friends :") in a way her works helped me figure out my artstyle..Katze-Doshi she's been with me since in my old account, another great artist way younger than me XD I love her artstyle aaa really proud of your starting youtube channel bean bois: PardonYukine IridescentTiger sidgreen01 Yuusin898 recessartjunk EdgyLoko Ilenemy January: Thumbnail for this vid Febuary: Thumbnail for this vidMarch: Thumbnail for this vidApril: [OC]Maki teh blonde boi May: Vice Ganda x Jackque June: [i can't find it but here's a speedaint]July: Connor RK800 August: my first oc redraw oh god September: [SPEEDPAINT] Coffee and Rain October: [SPEEDPAINT]Saiyaman! November: [Comm+SPEEDPAINT] Phoebe December: i know im late okay happy 2019 everyone.ko-fi // paypal
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Jose Marie Borja Viceral (born March 31, 1976), known professionally as Vice Ganda (lit. "Beautiful Vice"), is a Filipino comedian, television presenter, actor, and singer. He is a regular host-judge on ABS-CBN's noontime variety show It's Showtime, and has starred in several films, eight of which are considered t... More