5 months ago

Spike Lee on rebooting the iconic and timely "She's Gotta Have It"

The 1986 movie "She's Gotta Have It" marked the feature length debut of director Spike Lee. Lee followed it up with a string of landmark movies including "Do the Right Thing," which earned him an Oscar nomination for best screenplay. Years later, his career has come full circle with the Netflix premiere of his new TV series "She's Gotta Have It." The show reimagines the original story in 2017 and it's as timely as ever. Alex Wagner reports.
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She's Gotta Have It is a 1986 American black-and-white comedy-drama film written, edited and directed by Spike Lee. Filmed on a small budget and Lee's first feature-length film, it earned positive reviews and launched Lee's career. The film stars Tracy Camilla Johns, Tommy Redmond Hicks, John Canada Terrell and Lee ... More