Sailor Moon English Dub Edited Openings

Pretty much all the edited openings I could find from the original dub plus the video game opening. I don't know if there was a TV version of SuperS and if there is it was probably like S's with nothing but clips from the films but I could not find it so it isn't included, Sorry.

Now there are two S openings, one that aired on TV and one that was on the VHS that consisted of edited versions of the episodes. SuperS' opening is also from the VHS that consisted of the edited versions of the episodes.

Hope you enjoy.

In Order We Have:
DiC dub opening #1 - 0:00
DiC dub opening #2 - 1:30
Video game opening - 3:02
Sailor Moon S TV opening - 4:31
Sailor Moon S Edited VHS Opening - 6:02
Sailor Moon SuperS Edited VHS opening - 7:34
Sailor Moon R: The Movie Opening - 9:06
Sailor Moon S: The Movie Opening - 10:46
Sailor Moon SuperS: The Movie Opening - 12:24

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