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Despertar Contigo – Maia y Pablo Celebran su Nuevo Departamento💕

In a convention of flower growers, the destination brings together two young people who begin their love story when they meet. Maia and Pablo come from different social classes, she is daughter Othón, one of the most important entrepreneurs of the flower cultivation and is heavily strict towards her own daughter, while Pablo is part of the bodyguard squad of Antonia, the rival of Othón ... two people with many accounts slopes.

And it is that Antonia and Othón have known each other since they were young and do not miss an opportunity to hurt themselves, so when the confused meeting between Maia and Pablo presents itself, Antonia takes advantage of that 'divine gift' to deceive Maia by saying that Pablo is one of the most important floriculturists of the country ... a lie whose purpose is not to hurt Maia, who does not care if Pablo is from a rich social class or not, but Othón, who is heavily strict towards Maia, wants her to be married to a wealthy man and would be actually more than destroyed if he knew that she loves a poor man.

But in addition, the love between Maia and Pablo is not only condemned by the entanglements that surround their encounter, but also by their former flames: Cindy and Federico. Cindy who was Pablo's girlfriend in the past and calls him by his middle name: Herminio, comes back into his life, wanting Pablo back in a desperate and obsessive manner and reveals that she had a child after their breakup and claims that the father is Pablo, with Maia having no knowledge of this and even much worse, Cindy turning out to be Maia's only cousin. While Ferderico is a junior who is with Maia for interest and wants to marry her taking advantage with the support of Othón (who believes that he is a millionaire). Both will do whatever they can to prevent a "stretched" and "naughty" from taking away what, they believe, belongs to them. With making things even worse for both Maia and Pablo, she turns out to be pregnant with Pablo's baby and decides to keeps this a secret, by claiming that the baby is Ferderico's.

Bad blood, spite and jealousy are the condiment of this love story, which is born suddenly in the least expected place and tests the ingenuity and decision of Maia and Pablo.
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Despertar contigo, is a Mexican telenovela produced by Pedro Damián for Televisa. It is a free version of the Colombian telenovela, Pobre Pablo.The series originally aired from August 8, 2016 to January 22, 2017 The series is starring Daniel Arenas as Pablo Herminio, Ela Velden as Maia Alcalá, Aura Cristina Geithn... More