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Kipkay's World - Episode 2 - 🔴 Live Stream - Gaming Chair Unboxing

It's Kipkay's World - 🔴 Live Stream! Episode 2 featuring my gaming chair unboxing and a never-before-seen-on-YouTube classic Kipkay video! Join in the chat! Ask me anything!
Get 30% OFF a Ewinracing gaming chair at https://bit.ly/2TOtbYr. Code kipkay.
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Kip Kedersha, better known as Kipkay is an American author of how-to videos. As of 2008, Kip Kedersha is the all-time top-grossing Metacafe user, having earned more than $120,000 for his series of instructional videos. The series broadcast on the internet and premiered on August 12, 2007. So far, more than 150 episo... More