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How to cut you own hair ✄ Trim split ends ✄ Straight or layered

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Hi guys! I've already shown you HOW TO TRIM SPLIT ENDS by yourself in https://youtu.be/IH7KoA-uAwo and I was super happy to find out how great it worked for so many of you :) Some commented that the technique wouldn't work of thick hair, but it's not true (I learned it from a friend with exceptionally thick hair so today I'm doing a demonstation on my hair extensions that are significantly thicker than my own hair.

In the first part of the video I'm showing you a ponytail technique to make sure that the hair is trimmed evenly. Initially, it will be V shaped with the shortest strands in the middle, so I'll even out the sides using the shortest strands as a guide :) If you're new to cutting your own hair, I recommend that I you start with the method from my previous video http://youtu.be/CzsdsHJ7xoQ and do not cut more than 0,5'' (1cm) at a time till you get totally comfortable and 100% happy with your results. Then, if you'd like to cut more hair, you can move on to the technique from the current video. It creates a delicate blunt cut U-shape at back. If you'd like me to show how to feather out the ends and/or cut layers (it's a different method), let me know in the comments down below!

In the second part of the video I'm showing you how to get thick ends appear more natural. I'll feather them out with a razor and show you the technique to do it with scissors as well.
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