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After Stephen Sharer Top Secret GAME MASTER Identity Clues Arrive!! (Time to Find The Truth) Grace Sharer helped out to find a way to get the USB spy gadget device working. So while the spy network data base is scanning for reveal clues Steven and his sister Grace are playing a family friendly challenge opening the wrong mystery box and trying to win $10,000 grand prize pretend play money this is very similar to Carter Sharer win $10,000 so Carter brother Stephen Sharer got this epic 10000 idea from his brother and this time Stephen and Grace sis vs bro challenge will be to guess which ebay mystery box has the Game Master spy gadget devices inside and which is the wrong box. At any time the Sharer Family can let them know Which Box is a TRAP & which is a Spy Gadget? #Money who you think will win the $10,000 reward as the following prizes are Spy gadget goggles worth 24 hundred dollars and ninja gadgets too because the Sharer Fam almost spent the full $10000 for this challenge but were left with some left over for another family friendly Sis VS Bro challenge.

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