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STOCKHOLM makes my HEART HAPPY and my feet sore | SWEDEN #26

DAILY VLOG #26 of 27. STOCKHOLM BABY! In this vlog, we say hejdå to Skellefteå and HEJ to Stockholm! We take a stroll through Drottninggatan to Gamla Stan, have some fika at a hipster café in Södermalm (Pom & Flora).

After, we get caught up in a small snow blizzard while attempting to capture the Stockholm skyline. We also visit some more hip stores in Södermalm and come across the best looking and best tasting semlas EVER.

We checked in to our hotel (Freys Hotel) and then head for dinner at a place called Kryp In in Gamla Stan. My camera battery ran out on the way there because it couldn't handle the cold weather, so I switched to my camera phone to vlog. Dinner was super expensive but a culinary experience nonetheless! I had a three course meal – soup with duck mousse, deer meat and a raspberry truffle. Mattias had a blood pudding or a 'black pudding' which freaked me out a little.

We finally crash back at the hotel and my legs have never hurt more lol. Walking on cobblestones with bad shoes and for a prolonged period of time is not something I would recommend.

Despite the mushy cold and wet weather, Stockholm makes my heart happy. I'm so sad I only have such a short amount of time here but glad to have had the opportunity to be here anyway.

Hope you enjoyed the vlog! Half a day left in Stockholm and it's back to Australia. See you then!



Song: In Our Hands – Sebastian Forslund


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