1 year ago

Tour in our new Home

These past days, Doug and I have been busy visiting the site and ordering materials for our new home. This brings back so much memories when we were building our first home. Ganyan na ganyan din yung ginawa namin at that time I was pregnant with Gavin pa. Its another chapter of our life as a family...back then we were just a young family and look at us now the kids have grown already. Time does have wings and I am so thankful that everything we do, we do as a family. No wasted time everything we do kasama ang team. As another chapter comes to an end, we begin a new one with this new home. I am very excited, we are all excited. Hopeful and praying that it will just be as beautiful or even better than where it all started. As another door closes, a new one opens. Come, let us take you to a tour to what will soon be called our new Team Kramer home. ❤❤❤

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