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Grace Rhodes - Me Too (kondzilla.com)

Grace Rhodes é integrante da The UpRise e lança "Me Too" no Canal KondZilla. Confira!

Inscreva-se no NOVO CANAL da KondZilla

What’s wrong with the world man
Who’s there when it all falls down
Stuck to a basic program
Feels like no way out
I’m sorry you fell a victim
So blame it on the system
Heartbroken trying to heal them
All men, women and children
Me too we’re on a mission
Me too I wish they’d listen
Peace, joy and happiness
We don’t want no more regrets
Don’t wait up all night stressing
Turn your lessons to blessings
Tell yourself that faith is all you need
This crazy world won’t bring you to your knees

They’re never gonna break us
No we’re not the same but we’re equal
They’re never gonna change us
Different names but still the same people

If you represent the human race
Me too
Make the world a better place
Me too

One nation one love my people
If you feel the same say me too
You got a job and a raise you’re a big man
Cocky and proud
Put your hands on her that’s not it man
What you talking about
I speak for myself but all you people out there listen
Stay true to your dreams ignore hate, keep it from existing
Preaching love and unity
Fairness and equality
Value and humanity
Anger animosity
Won’t tarnish your pedigree
Stuck with all these memories
Tell yourself that faith is all you need

This crazy world won’t bring you to your knees
Me too



Instagram: @iamgracerhodes


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