3 days ago

Office pool pick'em: Week 2

The Huddle staff makes its weekly game picks every Thursday. Picks are based both on which team will actually win the game and also which team will cover the spread. Spreads and picks are not adjusted beyond the initial values from Wednesday of each week. Straight UpDMDSGKPTJFHSCCCBHCGBuccaneers at PanthersCardinals at RavensCowboys at RedskinsColts at TitansSeahawks at SteelersBills at Giants49ers at BengalsChargers at LionsVikings at PackersJaguars at TexansPatriots at DolphinsChiefs at RaidersSaints at RamsBears at BroncosEagles at FalconsBrowns at JetsLast Week12-3-19-6-111-4-111-4-111-4-111-4-112-3-111-4-12019 Season-To-Date12-3-19-6-111-4-111-4-111-4-111-4-112-3-111-4-12018 Record167-87-2158-96-2179-75-2159-95-2153-101-2165-89-2157-97-2n/a2017 Record168-88161-95171-85160-96165-91180-76160-96n/a2016 Record157-97-2149-105-2156-98-2161-93-2152-102-2156-98-2139-115-2n/a2015 Record154-102137-119156-100151-105155-101165-91n/an/a2014 Record166-89-1158-97-1164-91-1173-82-1163-92-1177-78-1n/an/a2013 Record163-92-1160-95-1170-85-1162-93-1153-102-1n/an/an/aAgainst the SpreadDMDSGKPTJFHSCCCBHCGBuccaneers at Panthers (-6.5)Cardinals at Ravens (-13.5)Cowboys (-4.5) at RedskinsColts at Titans (-3.5)Seahawks at Steelers (-4.5)Bills (-2.5) at Giants49ers at Bengals (-1.5)Chargers (-2.5) at LionsVikings at Packers (-2.5)Jaguars at Texans (-8.5)Patriots (-18.5) at DolphinsChiefs (-7.5) at RaidersSaints at Rams (-2.5)Bears (-2.5) at BroncosEagles (-1.5) at FalconsBrowns (-2.5) at JetsLast Week7-98-89-79-78-87-97-96-102019 Record7-98-89-79-78-87-97-96-102018 Season-To-Date132-124131-125145-111131-125133-123132-124130-126n/a2017 Record129-127136-120135-121122-134132-124136-120131-125n/a2016 Record110-146125-131127-129128-128124-132132-124127-129n/a2015 Record125-131121-135126-130128-128123-133141-115n/an/a2014 Record122-134124-132143-113133-123132-124123-133n/an/a2013 Record115-136-5119-132-5117-134-5123-128-5117-134-5n/an/an/aDMD – David Dorey, SG – Steve Gallo, KP – Ken Pomponio, TF – T.J. Ford, HS – Harley Schultz, CC – Cletis Cutts, CB – Cory Bonini, HCG – HC Green
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