2 months ago

Michelle Gets Nasty Surprise from Pro-Trump Performer at Grammys

Michelle Gets Nasty Surprise from Pro-Trump Performer at Grammys If there’s one reason to pay attention to the Grammys, it’s Joy Villa’s sartorial decisions. The singer first made news back in 2017 with a “Make America Great Again” dress, one that was the source of many headlines in an industry where the mood is almost unanimously liberal. This year, however, she decided to go with something very timely: A dress in support of the president’s proposed border wall. All of that was a bit of an antidote to the big story of the Grammys, the surprise appearance of Michelle Obama. Aside from the general adulation of the audience, Michelle’s primary message seems to have been, you know, “who run the world? Girls.” In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the singer defended the president’s proposed border wall. You’ll certainly remember Joy Villa’s dress, however. Liberals may hate her for it, but they can’t deny she’s got guts. And even if Villa didn’t know Michelle Obama was going to be at the ceremony, it turned out she had the perfect welcome ready.

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Joy Villa
Joy Angela Villa (; born April 25, 1986), known by her stage name Princess Joy Villa, is an American singer, songwriter, and political commentator. More