2 months ago

Diy Candy Awa De-ru Straw Bubble Candy

Kracie's new DIY Candy 'Katteni Awa De-ru'. Katteni means automatically, Awa means bubble, Deru means eject. The green jelly has a melon soda flavor, bubbles has a soda flavor.
Bubble Bath Candy Moco Moco Ofuro

Kracie Diy Candy Lucky Bag 2019

Crayon Shinchan Weird Huge Butt Pudding DIY Candy
#japanesestuffchannel, #diycandy, #weird

Tags: asmr, japanesestuff, japan, weird, nerd, diy candy, Kracie, awa, new, deru, bubble, クラシエ, 知育菓子, ふしぎはっけん, 新商品, あわデール, kẹo DIY, ขนม DIY, 日本DIY糖果, 포핀쿠킨
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