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Eating The BEST FOOD in Lebanon - Massive Family Lunch!

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Huge thank you to Kamel and the entire Taha family. When you’re in Beirut, go check out their amazing boutique grocery store called Feryal Mouneh Boutique (https://g.page/feryal-the-mouneh-boutique?share). And follow Kamel here: https://www.instagram.com/feryal.boutique/ Of all the food I ate in Lebanon, for me the best Lebanese food is home-cooked, often on Sunday.

Sunday Family Lunch in Lebanon - There’s a lot of amazing food you can eat in Lebanon, but nothing quite compares to a Sunday family lunch. Having a chance to eat lunch on Sunday with a family is the greatest display of Lebanese food, culture, and hospitality, all wrapped into a single celebration of Lebanese food. It was an honor to have a chance to hang out with the Taha family and celebrate Sunday lunch with them. #Lebanon #LebaneseFood #food

Fifi (Kamel’s Mom) made an impressive spread of home-cooked Lebanese food - including a mix of dishes, the highlights being stuffed cabbage rolls, and stuffed intestines and grape leaves. When I asked Kamel what dishes he missed the most from Lebanon when he goes traveling, or when he lived abroad, and he said, him and his brothers always come home and ask Mom for stuffed intestines.

It was nothing short of an epic home-cooked meal, one of the most memorable of my life, and to be surrounded by such an incredible family was a privilege.

Thank you again to Kamel and the Taha’s (https://www.instagram.com/feryal.boutique/).



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