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Hawaii of China, Sanya Hainan | Most Beautiful Place in China 海南三亚,航拍4K

HAWAII OF CHINA, SANYA HAINAN | Most BEAUTIFUL place in China 海南三亚,拥有东方夏威夷的美称,7日游探索了三大湾和美丽的度假村, 航拍三亚 . We spent a full week in paradise, also known as Sanya (the Hawaii of China) in the beautiful Hainan Island of China. This paradise island is home to the most beautiful turquoise beaches we have ever seen in our lives!! Come along with us as we explore Sanya Bay, Dadonghai and Yalong Bay, the most popular tourist spots in Sanya. We ate lots, tanned lots, and relaxed all week.
With beaches like these, we could not pass up the opportunity to fly our DJI Mavic Pro drone all over. Be sure to check out all our drone footage!

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Hainan is the smallest and southernmost province of the People's Republic of China (PRC), consisting of various islands in the South China Sea. Hainan Island, separated from Guangdong's Leizhou Peninsula by the Qiongzhou Strait, is the largest and fifth most populous island under PRC control (Taiwan, which is slight... More