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For the first time ever, most new working-age hires in the U.S. are people of color
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Women of color are surging into the U.S. workforce, causing a historic first in who's getting hired - The Washington Postchevron-rightchevron-rightchevron-rightchevron-rightchevron-rightchevron-rightchevron-rightchevron-rightchevron-rightchevron-rightchevron-rightchevron-rightchevron-rightchevron-rightchevron-rightchevron-rightchevron-rightchevron-rightchevron-rightchevron-rightchevron-rightsearchmenuWashington Post LogoprofileWashington Post LogocloseEmailBioFollowcloseEmailBioFollowcommentshomeshareShare on FacebookEmail this linkShare on TwitterShare on PinterestShare on LinkedIn: Long sidelined, black and Hispanic women are jumping into the workforce. Will they have time to make up lost ground?
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