Indonesian, Racing Driver
Rio Haryanto (born 22 January 1993) is an Indonesian racing driver who raced for Manor in Formula One for the first 12 races of the 2016 Formula One season. After round 12 of the 2016 season, Manor...
Indonesian, Comedian, Writer, Film Producer
Raditya Dika (born, Raditya Dika Angkasa Putra Moerwani, 28 December 1984) is an Indonesian writer, producer, director and stand-up comedian
Indian, Actor
Rana Daggubati is an Indian film actor, producer, visual effects co-ordinator,and photographer known for his works in Telugu cinema, Tamil cinema and Hindi cinema. As a Visual Effects producer, Ran...
Indonesian, Actress, Singer
Luna Maya Sugeng (born August 26, 1983) is an Indonesian soap opera actress, singer and movie star of Indonesian and Austrian descent. She started her career as an advertising and catwalk model.
Indian, Politician
Nitish Kumar (born 1 March 1951) is an Indian politician who has been Chief Minister of Bihar since February 2015. Previously he served as the Chief Minister of Bihar from 2005 to 2014 and served a...
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